About Mollie

Mollie-6104When Comedian Mollie Gross takes the stage you know one thing for sure, she doesn’t take orders, she gives them. A proud member of the Silent Ranks, this diminutive blonde dynamo has been talking about being a military wife since her husband’s first deployment in 2008 and has been performing to spectacular reviews.

To entice Mollie to marry him, her husband made all sorts of promises: like he would never get on her nerves because he’d always be gone, and she could have all the babies she wanted because it would be free. Tempted but not convinced, the clincher was when he explained BAH, and separation pay. She said, “Free money! I’m in!”

Life on base took some getting used to for the Southern Belle. She was not the “perfect military wife” at first. And at times it seemed like she and her husband were speaking a different language. She asks other military wives, “Was it just me or were all of you concerned when your husband called to say he would be home late because he and his men were going on a five mile hump?”

After four years living on base, two wartime deployments, serving as a Key Volunteer twice, and standing in as a birthing coach, (“I drew the line at the cutting the cord part …”) she has picked up a few things about military wives and their needs. She has also learned a thing or two about the returning troops adjusting from time spent in Iraq. When her husband first came home, she figured out it was a bad idea to come out of the shower with a towel on her head.

Her fan base spans the globe — from Miramar, to Fort Jackson, to Okinawa. Cute and funny, Mollie delights military and civilian audiences alike and leaves them crying with laughter. For military wives in all branches, watching her perform means finally having a voice that speaks directly to them. And they let her know through emails and on line social networking messages. “First time I’ve laughed since deployment.” “We military girls need someone like you to keep us laughing through hard times.” “You are one funny lady—and you GET us.”

In addition to performing at top comedy clubs and military bases, Mollie Gross also encourages and inspires audiences with her Motivational Speaking. Mollie has been seen in several films, musical theater, and is an improv sketch player and a monthly contributor to Military Spouse Magazine. In 2010 she joined Spouse Buzz sponsored by USAA and Military.com. Her book, “Confessions of a Military Wife” has received rave reviews from Military wives, troops, and civilians. By mixing comical stories with hard hitting advise, “Confessions…” has a loyal following. Despite her varied talents, her focus is to bring her comedy directly to the wives who need entertainment the most, the ones left behind; the Silent Ranks.. Says one of her fans “(her) killer wit, natural charisma, and comedic glow let us laugh when we need it most.”

Mollie Gross is a Military Wife Humorist, the wife of an USMC Iraq War Veteran. She is also an author, professional standup comedienne, and motivational speaker. And for a daily dose of comedy, join her friends on Facebook.