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Are you a military wife that needs advice about a homecoming ( like when exactly should I shave my legs?) Or are you feeling lonely being stationed away from family while your husband is deployed so you have been ordering WAY to many cat sweaters off QVC?

Are you pregnant with your first baby and don't know if drinking soy milk will make your baby trans-gendered . Or you are a new mom and feeling a little insecure because you only have your whirling breast pump to chat to and need encouragement and advise on what to do all day ?

Maybe you need help with your marriage or extended family relationships,or making new friends on a base. Military Wives, civilians, new moms, old moms, WOMEN : " Ask Mollie" here and she will respond to you with hard hitting advise with a comic twist. * all submissions are private.

*Do you have a more extensive issue you wish to speak to Mollie about in a private session? Mollie offers Life- "Laugh Coaching" in a private one on one environment. Whether its mentoring your next dream project or you just need advise on the day to day tress in your life. You will be sure to get hard hitting advise with a comic twist. Please email her here and put "laugh coach" in your subject line. In your email please put a brief description on what you are looking for guidance with and we will email you back with rates. * all submissions are private.

Please note that every question is important to Mollie, and she will read all submitted questions. She may not be able to personally respond to each mail due to time constraints. By submitting your question or email, you give her permission to reprint your entry on this website and future works. If you would like to stay anonymous or do not want certain information to be published, please state that in your entry. Your entry may be edited for space and clarity.
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