Book Club Questions – Funny

  1. Mollie asks herself, “Why didn’t I marry a banker?” but instantly realizes she loves the man she chose and the lifestyle that came with it. Even when it means having to spray him down with the hose when he is full nude outside so he doesn’t track mud in the house. What aspect of military marriage do you find is a blessing and a curse? Bitter and sweet.
  2. Mollie and her husband eloped in a town best known for discount fireworks and cheap cartons of cigarettes. Shockingly not everyone supported them. What were the circumstances of your wedding? Were you supported?
  3. Unpacking the diaper gene , still full two months later or hauling all your old high school yearbooks, unopened wedding gifts and the scary stuff you were trying to ignore stored under your bed in a u-haul across seven states. Did you TMO or Dity, which is better?
  4. Beenie Weenie and Mollie were BFFs even after she moved to Okinawa. And Mollie and Erin never shared a duty station. How do you foster friendships after you PCS?
  5. Crying over every news report, freaking everyone out at bunco with a doom and gloom attitude. Mollie said she had to distance herself from negative wives who she suspected would bring her down during the deployment. Have you ever had to distance yourself from a “friend” if so how did you do it without making it worse?
  6. Mother in Law insisted you share every email, text , sext , and letter with her? Wanted to stay at your house in a sleeping bag in your room when her baby boy got back from deployment? What boundaries have you set with extended family when it comes to communication, visits, deployments, reunions and holidays?
  7. All though sewing mau maus did not do much for her sex life, when her husband returned. Mollie mentions the best way to deal with your own loneliness and grief during a deployment is to focus on matters outside yourself, by volunteering and staying proactive with a hobby. What ways do you cope?
  8. Binge watching the latest TLC show about a 600 pound little person with hoarding tendencies and 19 kids while passing judgment and eating cookie dough and drinking wine. What simple ways do you treat yourself or bring up your mood during deployment?
  9. Stepping in dog crap barefooted, tripping over the baby bouncy seat all while trying to remember where the G-damn latter is at 2 am because the smoke detector batteries are dying and you must change them before everyone on the house wakes up. The second they leave something is going to break. Do you have a funny deployment disaster story ?
  10. Waxing off your deployment mustache actually putting on deoderarant and buying REAL food for the house. How did you prep yourself and the home for your spouse’s homecoming?
  11. Everyone talks about the men adjusting when they return, but how did you adjust? Where you “different” and if so, what did you do to create harmony and balance in your marriage again?