I have had so many requests to come perform at bases/posts all over the world at all different branches of our military. Here is how to get me to your base.

  1. You should contact your Family Readiness Officer (FRO), as I do many private events for Family Readiness. Your FRO can also direct you to the special events coordinator at your base. Your FRO can contact your MWR or MCCS on behalf of you and the other wives requesting me. They can direct MCCS or MWR to contact my management for an event.
  2. Direct them to my website: On the website they can send see my press kit with everything they would need to know in order to book me.
  3. They then email a request directly at I can then work with them directly on a contract to do a special event. I receive many inquires, but do not post a date until I sign a contract.

Please understand I have to have a government contract to come on base. Therefore, I can not set up a show there. I must be invited with a contract. The more wives whom request me at a base; the more likely they are to schedule an event.

Booking FAQ

What sort of venues have you played in before? Do you usually travel for just one show, or for multiples?

Mollie Gross has performed on many military bases. Some bases have booked her for two shows in one weekend.

Bases usually have free shows or require a small $5 fee to attend. They also provide childcare for a small fee.

She has performed for small crowds, like a private Family Readiness event in a dinning room or room with a cleared area and podium. Large MCCS/MWR base sponsored show usually takes place in a theatre or staged ball room. Many bases, like Camp Lejeune used the base theatre and stage. MCCS charged $5 at the door and sold drinks and snacks.

Some bases like Parris Island have hosted Mollie’s event in conjunction with a dinner. After the club served dinner and drinks, Mollie performed for guest while they were sitting at tables.

After the show Mollie Gross allows audience members to come on stage for pictures. Many MCCS or MWR sponsored events will designate a space for her to sell her comedy audio cd, and book, “Confessions of a Military Wife” after the show.

Her performance rider provides details on her green room and directions for clearing an area for her to perform in if there is no stage.

What sort of audience numbers are typical for your show on a military installation?

Mollie has performed for 20 and over 200. All women shows sponsored by EWC or OWC clubs and open audience shows including Marines and Sailors with their wives hosted by MCCS and MWR. No children are allowed at her shows. Adult content and issues are discussed. Mollie has performed for hundreds and for dozens. It depends on the base and the sponsoring party.


* We hope this detailed info has helped. Many groups, clubs, and MCCS/MWR have also done give always at her events and prizes. Rotary clubs and local businesses often like to contribute to these events to show their support with donations for the home front.