Are you looking to sponsor an episode or segment of Mollie Gross’ “Handle it with Humor” podcast?  Are you interested in supporting Military families and connecting your brand with the buying power of military wives by sponsoring a comedy event or motivational speaking workshop ?  If so please email here for details. Please put “sponsorship” in the subject line. 


Mollie Gross has the access to a loyal global fan base. Here are just a few reason to sponsor one of her events or podcast:

Mollie has been delighting audiences with her Stand up comedy and motivation speaking since 2006.
Over 22,000 copies of Confessions of a Military Wife have been sold and is on the First Lady of the Marine Corps Recommended Reading List. Mollie is also the number one e-book published by Savas Beatie overall. She reaches over 250,000 on her social media combined.

  • Join with Mollie and reach her primary audience of 18-35 year old women , an ever-growing population of new military wives and new moms. Additionally, her writing, speaking and comedy is also sought out by women of all ages and husbands of all ranks, in all branches.
  • Utilize Mollie Gross’ humor and hard-hitting advice, reaching her global audience with her “Handle it with Humor Podcast” From pregnancy, new mom issues, marriage, mother-in-law issues to PTSD and everything in between , Mollie teaches audiences to learn to laugh over what they can not control.
  • Count on her top-notch stage presence since 2006. She is known to pull in an audience of 1,500 for a sole booking, and has been professionally trained by top speaking and comedy coaches in Los Angeles. She is frequently sought out by international media as an expert for films, television and radio productions. Her acting credits include staring in several independent films, musical theater,sketch and an improv comedy.
  • In addition to performing at top comedy clubs and military bases, Mollie Gross also encourages and inspires audiences with her Motivational Speaking. In 2010 she joined Spouse Buzz sponsored by USAA and Military.com. Her book, “Confessions of a Military Wife” has received rave reviews from Military wives, troops, and civilians. By mixing comical stories with hard hitting advise, “Confessions…” has a loyal following. Despite her varied talents, her focus is to bring her comedy directly to the wives who need entertainment the most, the ones left behind; the Silent Ranks.. Says one of her fans “(her) killer wit, natural charisma, and comedic glow let us laugh when we need it most.”
  • Military wives can connect with Mollie’s humor 24/7 through Youtube and social media. She has a viral presence in the military community and connect through her comedy clips again and again.