Motivational Speaking

Mollie accepts bookings for her public speaking services to military and civilian audiences. Mollie’s experience as a newlywed military wife while her husband served two war-time deployments in Iraq shaped her attitude and perspective for the positive.  She is available for motivational, inspirational, and encouraging speeches, and will share with audiences how to learn to accept and thrive through all life’s challenges.

Mollie’s sensitive approach comes from training and from her service as a Key Volunteer for 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines from 2002 to 2004. As a Key Volunteer during this time, Mollie offered support to many wives during their husband’s war time deployments to Iraq.

Mollie Gross is a humorist and brings much of her skills as a stand up comedienne to her speech. Audiences should be prepared to laugh, cry, and think hard about the choices they make.

Mollie offers a standard 1 hour speech : which can be modified for time or a 1 hour and 20 minute interactive speech.

During the interactive speech Mollie will work with the wives with a handout each participant will receive at the beginning of the speech. Audience members are encouraged to answer questions, work together and share revelations and perspective with the crowd. Because the interactive speech is more intimate it is geared to crowds of 100 or less.

When inquiring about booking please indicate if you are interested in a standard or interactive speech.

Handle it with Humor


Looking to connect? Make new friends? Foster the friendships you have? Book Mollie to host a “Handle it with Humor Friendship Event” at your base! Laugh, interact, meet new people and even make a lasting connection.

Mollie gets RAVE reviews for her Interactive Friendship events!

“I just wanted to thank Mollie for helping make this past Saturday a wonderful and memorable event for the Spouses. The feedback about the performance during the event and on the evaluations were nothing but positive and the only complaint is that it was not long enough! Mollie- You have an amazing presence that the Spouses attract to and you did an awesome job with getting the spouses involved right of way and leading the activities so they had the chances to meet and interact with each other. Thank you for being flexible with the time changes. Next year I agree with everyone else, we are going to have to make it longer.”

“THRIVE, not just SURVIVE in the Military Life:  Making the Most of the Military Lifestyle with a Positive Attitude”

Topics explored in this speech:

THRIVE IN THE LIFESTYLE: Mollie explores ways to thrive not just “survive” being a military wife. By focusing on the healing power of laughter, Mollie teaches wives how the simple act of changing perspective and attitude can help them get through life’s challenges. Mollie helps wives to find “themselves” while still serving beside their husbands. Through techniques she uses to over come common problems, Mollie shows military wives how to enjoy the lifestyle that being a military wife offers.

DEPLOYMENT ENJOYMENT: Mollie shows wives how to conquer depression and anxiety as well as how to actually experience personal growth during a deployment. Through teaching wives ways to accomplish goals, achieve new experiences, and make dreams come true, wives can find enjoyment in a deployment. Mollie shows wives how to make a spouse’s deployment a time of enriched awareness and personal growth.

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: Mollie talks to the audiences of women about remaining thankful and keeping a positive spirit no matter what life throws their way. By focusing on the healing power of laughter, Mollie shares how she got through some of the most challenging obstacles of her life. Mollie explores difficult situations women face today and shows how by just changing perspective and outlook how even the most difficult challenges can be met with a better attitude.

Mollie is available to share her experiences and knowledge through a unique perspective that is all her own.  Programs can also be customized to cater to your specific event and audience.

Civilian Audiences

Civilian Audiences enjoy Mollie Gross as well. In addition to her message below, Mollie Gross works to customize all events to her audience.

Mollie Gross shares with her audiences how to learn ways to use a positive attitude, humor and goal setting to better navigate stress in your life. As a wife of an Iraq war Veteran, Mollie Gross learned a thing or two about keeping a positive outlook on life while serving along side her husband and country on the home front.

The audience will laugh while this stand up comedienne tells how she learned the hard way on her journey to find positive outlets for her stress while still supporting her combat Marine.

She encourages men and women of all ages to create their own identity and find new passions while still maintaining a strong supportive marriage. Mollie teaches them to recognize when they are acting in the “negative” as well as how to deal with negative people in your life, and gives the audience the tools to counter act the negativity.

Mollie Gross explores ways to thrive and not just survive in life. By focusing on the healing power of laughter, Mollie teaches audiences how the simple act of changing perspective and attitude can help them get through life’s challenges and stresses.

Booking Mollie

Whether humorous or serious, Mollie’s message of encouragement and positivity will leave your audience wanting more. To inquire about her speaking services for your next event, please contact

More video clips can be viewed on Mollie’s YouTube channel.

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Mollie Gross received her BA from the University of South Carolina in Theatre , Speech and Dance. In addition, Mollie Gross receives private speech training and coaching from Jack Barnard of Susan Levin Speaker Service. 

Jack Barnard with Susan Levin Speaker Services is a master presentation and branding coach, a media trainer and writer. Jack manages all Mollie’s motivational speaking events. He works closely with her to specialize each appearance and customize the speech to each audience. He works with speakers, authors and entrepreneurs, both one-on-one and in groups. His technique emphasizes the uniqueness of the individual, focusing on the permission to bring forth one’s distinctive style.

He is also the developer of SourceWork, a playful technique of dynamic expression. Jack has facilitated over four-hundred SourceWork events in both the US and Europe.

Jack is the author of We Get Our Cue From You: The Communion Approach to Public Speaking and three CDs: The Soul of Speaking, Mesmerize Your Audience and Storytelling.