Comments About Mollie’s Motivational Speaking

“Mollie may be known as a humorist/stand up comedian, but she is so much more than that. At the live laugh learn event, I walked away feeling like a different person. Mollie spoke about being thankful for the life you are living as a military spouse. You may have chosen to uproot your life to move to a new place with your husband, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a negative experience. Make it a positive experience. You can still follow your dreams just like Mollie did. You aren’t physically near your family, but being surrounded by new people, you have the opportunity to make new friends who turn into family.” Abby Smith

“Mollie Gross was the perfect addition to OSMF’s 1st annual event, Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2013, in Portland, Oregon.  She had the ability to bring life, lift spirits and find common ground with spouses that attended from all Armed Service Branches.  She navigated spouses from laughter to tears and back again, with her uncanny ability to weave humor into a thoughtful message that skillfully encouraged military spouses, to not only develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’, but also, to live their dreams!   The spouses walked away inspired from her motivational speaking.  Thank you Mollie Gross!” OSMF (Tara Clark & Alyson Schumacher, Founders)

“Mollie Gross is a phenomenal speaker! She shared her inspirational message of empowerment and appreciation with Lincoln Military Housing Military Spouses. She was a relatable speaker that quickly gained the trust and respect of eth spouses in attendance. There were laughs and tears as Mollie recounted how she learned to embrace her role in the “Silent Ranks” to become a bteer wife and individual, and how the spouses in attendance could do the same. We hope to bring Mollie back many times in the future!” Lincoln Military Housing Community Services Department San Diego.

“I loved your show/speech this morning in San Diego. You had me in tears over and over about your grandma. You are amazing and you really touched my heart today. I can’t wait to push myself to learn some new things and to really grow as a person while my husband is gone! I laughed and cried and came away feeling like I’d had a chat with my new BFF. Thanks for speaking to us today. I can’t wait to buy your book!!” Becky Hull

“She was inspiring! I was encouraged to weed out the negative friends in my life and to be more positive and proactive in my personal happiness.” Navy Wife, SD

“Her speech allowed me to see that we military spouses can still fulfill our dreams and still support our active duty spouse.”

“She was great , funny , and captivating…really made me think about what I could do to change my attitude.”

“She was so real .I felt like an instant friend to all in the room. I laughed , I cried. Awesome!”