Ask Mollie: Being More Active on Base

Dear Mollie,

My husband and I moved to California in November of last year. I’ve been trying to make some new friends but we only have one car right now. We live an hour from base and he, obviously, takes the car when he goes to work. I’ve started talking to a few girls on Myspace, but I feel bad always asking them to use their gas to come here. Is there anything I can do to get more involved with the military wives on base?

— Alicia

Dear Alicia,

First let me commend you for being proactive! Good for you for meeting friends on line! I wish I had an easy fix for you, but its not that easy. My best friend Beenie lived in Temecula, which was an hour from base. It was really hard for her to get people to come out to see her and when she came to base for an event or Bunco party she usually spent the night. If you feel comfortable with that, that may be an option for you. Once she had her first baby, they sold their house and moved on base. They admitted they should have done it earlier. Honestly, you need to move closer to base. The base housing community is essential to military wives especial during deployments. You just can not find that support anywhere else. I suggest you get on the list for base housing, or move just outside of base. The experience you will have will be priceless and well worth the price of moving.



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