Ask Mollie: Infidelity

Dear Mollie,

My fiancée is out in 29 Palms, CA right now; and we are both from Iowa. He just got into his MOS. So we won’t get to see each other for a while. Before he graduated from MCT, I ended up getting cheated on. And I’ve talked to so many Marine/Military girls; and all of them say to move on, it’s not worth it. But the thing is… I love him way too much to move on. And every since that happened between us, we fight a lot and I’m sure its because of the distance and we haven’t seen each other. So I’d just like to hear your advice or anything you have!

— Kassandra

Dear Kassandra,

I will never forget when my husband came back from over seas with all these presents for me from other countries. All of us wives started to get nasty with each other competing over who got the best gift. One wife got opals from Australia, one got pearls from Hawaii. Then there was the one wife who ruined it for everyone when her husband brought her back Chlamydia from Singapore!

All joking aside, this happens a lot in the military, and it has nothing to do with distance.  It has everything to do with character. I wish I could give you a hug right now! I know you say you “love” him too much to move on, but I think its something else. Your pride is really stinging. Being cheated on is the worst. I want you to look at it this way. Thank God you were not that wife whose hubby brought her back that nasty treat from over seas! You found out NOW about his character before you made a covenant before God and had 20 babies. I am thankful to God you know now before getting in any deeper with this man. You need to let it go. I think your pride being hurt is really what is going on here. Have self worth in yourself. Why go back to a man who has no character and whom you could never trust. I think you think if he comes back to you, then he “chose” you. But really, you need to choose better.

Many prayers!



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