Ask Mollie: Deployment and Insecurities

Dear Mollie,

I am a fresh new army wife and I am going through my husband’s first deployment. This is kind of odd but I need advice from another military wife. How do I deal with my husband’s thoughts about me cheating on him? I don’t go anywhere, I have two babies and that’s the last thing on my mind. How can I reassure my husband that I am completely faithful to him and I am waiting on HIM for his return. What can I do with my time so this deployment can go quicker? I would really appreciate your advice.

— Celi

Dear Celi,

We all have insecurities when we are away from our loved ones; especially during a deployment. Honestly there is nothing you can do during a deployment to nurture a relationship. I call it “Riding your Vows” He sounds like he is having a bit more trouble than the average guy. I might suggest you have him talk to the Chaplain. If I were you I would get involved with as many on base or military related wives groups as possible. Find a great mommy and me class and go! First, this will get you involved and out of the house having fun and your husband will take comfort that you are spending your time with other wives and moms!

It also never hurts to send sexy fun letters and emails..a little flirting with hubby goes a LONG way!

Semper Fiesty!



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