Ask Mollie: How to Make Friends in a New Duty Station

Dear Mollie,

I know this is probably an odd question, but how do you suggest meeting people? Most of the military wives I have met have a lot of kids… Me, on the other hand, I have no kids, and don’t plan on it for a couple of years. Got any suggestions?

— Chelsea

Dear Chelsea,

It’s not an odd question… I also have no kids.

I suggest joining LINKS, or a spouse club on base.

If you are new to a neighborhood, start your our group… a book club, a bridge club, bunco… If you start your own club you can control the types of people who come. A lot of women have kids so you may have to meet at a playground while kids play or at night when spouses are home. There will be plenty of moms that would love a break for adult conversation! :)

Good luck!

Semper Feisty,


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